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Authority Coach is one of the top quality Limo builders / coachbuilders in the industry. Our goal is to be the best in every aspect starting from the frame to the finishing looks for both exterior to interior design.

We have some of the most talented design and customer service teams in the business. We strive to be the Top Coach Builder and limo maker in the Industry. Our name speak for itself. It is our top priority to make sure you and your business is at the top of limo builders, the list and ensure that it is treated right. We have established a solid reputation to our wide network of clients as being very dependable and standing behind on our promises. We deliver what we promise. You will have the full confidence of getting what you ask for and in a timely manner. All our services are backed with a 100% customer satisfaction warranty, so you'll be assure that you drive away with a smile. We have a service station that is always here to serve you regardless of what Limousine you have, solving nearly any problems that you may run into.

Interior Striping:

In this process, cars are put in the factory, all the interior gets removed, all the parts get marked and protected with plastic cover (eq. seats), doors are removed, fuel tank is removed, all the interior panels in the front get covered so they don't get damaged from welding. All the parts are being stored in a special storage compartments so no parts get lost.

Cutting of the car:

In this step, the fuel lines, brake lines and electrical lines are being cut, entire car is being sliced in half, support beams, driveshaft, exhaust, fuel and brake lines go in, panels on the floor are welded, side panels, roof and posts are installed. Interior of the side panels get extra crash support (2 rectangular tubing protection beams). Everything is being welded with huge accuracy for strength and support. Every weld is spread apart about 1" from each other unlike our other competitors that weld every 3"-5". We put extra effort to make sure our metal stands up to the abuse and weight of the limousine.
The roof bracing system bonds hot galvanized steel on 16" centers to the existing roof panel. We use top of the line galvanized steel in the production process. This means you will own a limousine that is built to last throughout the tests and rigors of a limousine lifespan. The exhaust system is made out of aluminized steel and welded together for strength and durability.

Body work and Painting job:

In this step, all the extra welds are smoothed, body filler is being put on the panels to make everything straight and ready for paint. The galvanized steel chassis and all interior panels are carefully primer etched prior to installation of the side panels to ensure the vehicle will be built to last and fight the corrosive effects of the weather. Paint is being computer matched to the factory paint code. Some cars require color change, in that case doors, hood and trunk is being taken off and painted on the inside. Then door, hood and trunk is being put back on the car and the entire car is being painted with 3 coats of paint and clear coat if needed. The exterior is protected with a coating that is resistant to both chipping and damage from acid rain.

Interior Work

In this step, the roof is covered with vinyl, windows are installed. Inside of the limo is being layed out with heat/noise shield. Electrical harnesses is placed in strategic places to avoid effects of humidity and temperature. Next, we install A/C and heat units, runs A/C ducts. Then we build a partition/divider, floor support, ceiling, posts, bar and seats. After bbuildingit, all the parts are being installed and ffittedinto the inside of the car.

Final Touchups

In this step, all the final parts of the interior are being installed, trimmed and aalligned Stereo is installed and tested. Alternator is installed and Freon is filled up. New suspension is installed. Car's paint job is buffed to perfection and car is cleaned up for the customer to pick it up.

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